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E-Pay Terms and Conditions

Payment Authorization

The administrative processing fee to make your bankruptcy payments using E-Pay is $1.00 per transaction.

If you have elected to make your bankruptcy payments from your checking/savings account identified on the prior page, then you authorize Marilyn O. Marshall, Chapter 13 Trustee ("Chapter 13 Trustee") to initiate a single debit entry to that account in the amount and on the date specified on the prior page.

You acknowledge that the origination of bankruptcy payments to your checking/savings account must comply with the provisions of U.S. law. You authorize any financial institution through which any such debit entries are processed to use any data you provide to process these debit entries, and consent to that data being sent outside of the United States in connection with such processing and any related activities.

Non-Sufficient Funds and Stop Payments

If any debit entry to your checking/savings account is returned unpaid for any reason then you agree to pay us a fee of 5.00 and authorize the Chapter 13 Trustee to initiate a separate debit entry in that amount to your checking/savings account.

You understand your access to this system WILL BE REVOKED IMMEDIATELY if any debit entry to your checking/savings account is returned as insufficient or for stop payment. You will no longer be eligible to initiate payments using this Online Payment System.

Payment Timing and Disbursement

All payments are placed on a 15 calendar day hold by the Trustee to guarantee validity of funds. Funds are subject to disbursement in the next disbursement cycle following expiration of the 15 calendar day hold. If your case is dismissed, completed or converted following any payment received by the trustee using this ePay system, no such funds will be refunded to you until at least sixty (60) calendar days have passed since the payment receipt.

Consent For Electronic Signatures and Records

Introduction. In order to make bankruptcy payments through this website, you must consent to the use of electronic signatures and electronic records for those bankruptcy payments and for all agreements, disclosures, notices and other communications relating to those bankruptcy payments (all of which are referred to in this consent as the "Records"). Once you have given your consent, we may deliver or make any of the Records available to you by
(a) posting them to the relevant page of your account on this website or
(b) sending them to your e-mail address as then reflected in our records. Records posted to your account will be electronically accessible for at least 24 months unless your consent is withdrawn as specified in the "Withdrawing Your Consent" section below; or your access to the system is revoked due to insufficient funds or a stop payment. If your consent is withdrawn or your access to the system is revoked, you may obtain information regarding records posted to your account by emailing us at epay@chi13.com. You may review, print or download those Records by logging into your account and accessing the relevant page. The following material is intended to provide you with important information you should consider before giving your consent.

Scope of Your Consent. Your consent to the use of electronic signatures and electronic records applies to all bankruptcy payments made through this website and all Records relating to those bankruptcy payments.

Hardware and Software Requirements. To access and retain electronic records of the Records, you must use computer hardware and software that meets the following requirements:

Withdrawing Your Consent. You are free to withdraw your consent to the use of electronic signatures and electronic records at any time and without paying us any fees. To withdraw your consent, you must email a written notice of that withdrawal to us at epay@chi13.com. A withdrawal of your consent does not become effective until we have received and had a reasonable period of time to implement it. Once a withdrawal of your consent becomes effective, you will no longer be able to electronically access the Records or otherwise use this website. However, a withdrawal of your consent does not affect the legal effectiveness, validity or enforceability of any transactions, electronic signatures or electronic records of any Record entered into, provided or made available before that withdrawal becomes effective.

Updating Your Contact Information. You should keep the Chapter 13 Trustee informed of any change in your e-mail or physical mailing address. You may do so by mailing a written notice of the change to us at epay@chi13.com. Any update to your contact information sent to this e-mail address, will affect only your on-line payment information. Any address change or contact information related to your bankruptcy case and/or for the purpose of receiving communication from the U. S. Bankruptcy Court, your bankruptcy attorney or your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee, must be filed with the U. S. Bankruptcy Court on the appropriate Address Change Form. It is always recommended that you contact your bankruptcy attorney.

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