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E-Pay Frequently Asked Questions

    Have a question? Contact Us Email support is available during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.)

  1. What should I use as my Username?

    For your USERNAME, we strongly recommend that you use your complete email address (if 20 characters or less) or the portion of your email address prior to the @ symbol (if more than 20 characters), as that will help in remembering your USERNAME each time you access the system. Your USERNAME must be 20 characters or less.

  2. What are the rules for creating my password?

    For the password it has to have at least 10 characters, with one upper case, one lower case, one number, and one special character.

  3. Do I have to use E-Pay?

    No, you may continue to mail your Cashier's Checks or Money Orders to our lockbox:

    Marilyn O Marshall
    Chapter 13 Trustee
    P O Box 2031
    Memphis, TN 38101-2031

    You should not use E-Pay to make your monthly plan payments if you have a mandatory payroll deduction order and your payments are being deducted from your paycheck. However, you may use E-Pay to make other one-time payments, such as tax refund payments, to the Trustee.

  4. Once I have registered, do I have to use E-Pay every month?

    No, you can continue to mail your Cashier's Checks or Money Orders to our lockbox:

    Marilyn O Marshall
    Chapter 13 Trustee
    P O Box 2031
    Memphis, TN 38101-2031

  5. What is my E-Pay Online Payment ID?

    Your Online Payment ID is a combination of your seven-digit case number (year and number without the B, dash or spaces) and the last four numbers of your Social Security number (SSN).

    For Example: Your case number is 23 B 33333 and your Social Security Number is 123-45-6789.
    The Online Payment ID in this example would be 2333336789.

  6. Do I need to remember and input my E-Pay Online Payment ID every time I log in?

    No, you will only need to input this ID number the first time you register. However, it is a good idea to remember this number in case you have issues in the future with E-Pay.

  7. I have forgotten my username. How do I find out what it is?

    On the login page of the E-Pay Online Bankruptcy Payment Center, there is a link called "Forgotten Your Username?" The new page that opens upon clicking that link will ask for your Online Payment ID and the email address you provided during registration. Once you provide this information, the system will send you an email with your Username.

  8. I have forgotten my password. How do I get a new one?

    1. On the login page of the E-Pay Online Bankruptcy Payment Center, click on the link called "Forgotten Your Password?"
    2. Enter your Username and click the link "Email Password."
    3. Enter the email address you provided during registration and click the link "Email Password."
    4. The following message displays: Your password has been sent to your email address. You should receive the email within the next few minutes.
    5. When you receive the email with the new password, enter it into the login page with your username.
    6. Once you have obtained access to your account, you can go to Settings and change your password to one of your choice.

  9. Can I change my E-Pay password?

    Yes, once you are logged in to the E-Pay Online Bankruptcy Payment Center, click on Settings to change your password.

  10. What types of bank accounts can be used to make bankruptcy payments through E-Pay?

    Only valid checking or savings accounts may be used to make bankruptcy payments by E-Pay. Pre-paid credit and debit card payments are not allowed and these payments will be rejected/returned and may result in your case being ineligible for E-Pay.

  11. Where do I find my Checking/Savings Routing and Account numbers?

    The routing and account numbers are located on the bottom of your check. The routing number is always a 9-digit number and appears to the left of your account number. DO NOT look for these numbers on a deposit slip, as the routing number may be different from your checking/savings routing number. If you are unable to find your routing and account numbers, please contact your bank for help.

  12. What happens if my payment is returned as Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF?)

    Your access to E-Pay will be revoked and you will not have the option of using E-Pay for the duration of your bankruptcy case. You will then be required to make your monthly payments by using Cashier's Checks or Money Orders and mailing them to our lockbox:

    Marilyn O Marshall
    Chapter 13 Trustee
    P O Box 2031
    Memphis, TN 38101-2031


  13. How soon will my bankruptcy payment be taken from my bank account and posted to my bankruptcy case?

    Bankruptcy payments made prior to 4:00 p.m. Central will be debited from your account the same day and will be posted the next day to your bankruptcy case. Please visit the National Data Center at www.ndc.org in approximately 3 business days if you would like to verify that your payment has been posted to your case.

  14. Will I receive a receipt upon making a payment?

    Yes, you will receive an automated email with your payment information listed in the body of the email.

  15. Is there a ceiling to how much I can pay at one time?

    Yes, the limit is $9,999.99 per transaction.

  16. Can I make partial payments?

    Yes. If you can't afford to make your full plan payment at one time, you may make several smaller payments through the month. However, please keep in mind that this does not affect the due date for your payments. Even though you have the ability to make smaller payments throughout the month, the full amount of your payment is still due on your payment due date.

  17. What is the Bank Processing Fee of $1.00?

    This fee covers the administrative cost for our bank to offer you the E-Pay service. The Trustee does not receive this money.

  18. Why are my payments held for 15 days?

    This is done to protect the Trustee in case the payment comes back as Non-sufficient Funds (NSF.) After the 15 days, the funds are available for disbursement to your creditors.

  19. Are all of my bankruptcy payments listed in the E-Pay Payment History?

    The E-Pay Payment History only displays the payments made through the E-Pay Online Payment System. It will not display payments made through other payment sources. For a full payment history in your case, please go to the National Data Center at www.ndc.org.

  20. What does this message mean when I'm trying to log in?

    If you receive this message when trying to log in, your account may be locked. See the next question below regarding locked accounts.

    At this time there is no payment data available or there may not be a payment due. Please use the Contact Us link on the login page if you need additional information.

  21. Why is my E-Pay account locked?

    There are several reasons why your account may become locked. The Trustee reserves the right to lock your account and prevent a debtor from making payments online. The main reasons why the Trustee would lock an account include:

    If your account has been locked and you are still required to make payments, please send Cashier's Checks or Money Orders to our lockbox:

    Marilyn O Marshall
    Chapter 13 Trustee
    P O Box 2031
    Memphis, TN 38101-2031

  22. If my case has been dismissed, converted or completed, when can I get a refund?

    Refunds are held for at least 60 days from the date the case is dismissed, converted or completed.

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