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Address Change Form for Creditors (Bankruptcy Form G-15)

Address Change Form for Debtors (Bankruptcy Form G-14)

Affidavit of Compliance
Use this form to inform the Trustee that the requirements have been met regarding the domestic support obligations as well as the four years of tax returns having been filed per 1325 (a)(8) and (a)(9). (at beginning of case)

Attorney Fee Application
Model Retention Agreement
Fee Application
Fee Order
The debtor attorney must submit a fee application in all Chapter 13 petitions they file, even if the attorney's fee has been paid in full.

Budget: Family
Schedule I: Current Income of Debtor(s) Family
Schedule J: Current Expenditures of Debtor(s) Family
Both are required in all Chapter 13 cases.

Business Case Forms
Marilyn O. Marshall requires that all debtors engaged in business complete a summary of operations, business budget and monthly financial reports. The instructions and the business forms are available here.

National Form Plan (Form 113)

National Form Plan Guidelines and Helpful Hints

Chapter 13 Model Plan
The Chapter 13 plan, a requirement in all Chapter 13 cases defines the order of distribution of funds to creditors on a case. The plan was developed by the local judiciary and the attorney bars as a standard plan adopted by this District. This plan details creditor treatment and differs from the previous Chapter 13 Plan in that the plan controls repayment amounts in certain circumstances regardless of the amount claimed. This plan is also accepted by all trustees in the Northern District of Illinois, Marilyn O. Marshall, Tom Vaughn and Glenn Stearns.

Debtor Education - Personal Financial Management Course
Click here to register for our Free Financial Management Course which satisfies the requirement under BAPCPA to complete a financial management course in order to receive a discharge.

EFT Data Acceptance Form
To become an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) creditor with our office, please complete this form. Return the form to Marilyn O. Marshall by fax to (312) 453-7172 or by mail at 224 S Michigan, Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60604. Click here for more information.

Employment Information
The debtor must inform our office of his or her current employment status and of any changes in the debtor's employment throughout the life of the case. This form contains all of the information our office needs to update our records.

The revised §341 meeting instructions to complete The Cover Sheet and deadline dates to request a Zoom Meeting and to submit the Debtors Personal ID and Social Security Number can be found on our homepage.

Password to Web Site Request
Debtor attorneys may send an email to ndc_inquiry@chi13.com to request a new user agreement for access to the National Data Center.
Creditors may visit www.NDC.org to obtain a login from the National Data Center.

Payroll Order
Monthly Chapter 13 plan payments can be deducted from the debtor's paycheck by their employer, either at the request of the debtor or by order of the judge. Ask your attorney to complete this form and file it with the Bankruptcy Court.

Proof of Claim
Creditors must file a proof of claim with the Clerk of the Court in order to be paid. This 2-page document includes the proof of claim form and instructions for completing the form.

Request for Payoff of Chapter 13
Use this form to request a payoff of a Chapter 13. Note the following:
1. If the case has not been confirmed for 36 months, the request must be made by: a. debtor(s)' attorney, or b. third party, i.e. mortgage lender or banking institution
2. If requested by a third party, you must submit a copy of the recently dated authorization and loan application signed by the debtor(s).

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